About me

About me

Born and raised in Victoria Australia, I was blessed to have a childhood in nature with many animals to care for. I have always had the sense there was something more out there than what we see in the physical and are taught in school. I first discovered energy work in the form of Reiki after suffering for months from a sinus infection and taking every spray and antibiotic possible. A friend convinced me to lay down while he performed Reiki and massage over my sinus area. Miraculously I was better afterwards. My mind was clear and my energy and focus returned. Since 2011 I have studied Pranic Healing, Reiki 1 &2, Quantum Touch and Four months extensive training in Japanese Energy Healing. I use it on my children and myself and I like to use the intuitive-touch for helping my Yoga students relax during some restorative poses during my Yoga classes.

I have completed over 500hrs of Yoga Alliance Teacher Training, including 200 Hr Hatha Teacher training, Vinyasa, Yin yoga , Anatomy , Kids Yoga as well as becoming more specialised in women's yoga and healing through peri menopause and beyond and for burnout prevention and recovery..

 I enjoy nothing more than to see my students and clients melt into relaxation and feel relief of their stresses and ailments. My interest grew in the field of self-healing and natural remedies after suffering a burnout and debilitating symptoms that modern medicine could not help. I have spent years learning about Mind Body healing and how it is all connected. Through my own journey I have realised the wish to use this experience to help others.I dream to enable the next generation to grow up accustomed to embodying the tools for self-regulation, self-healing and self-love.

I founded Gaia Dharma Centre as a way to bring like-minded therapists and healers under one roof and to create a sense of community and growth to all ages. Babies to 120 years old are welcome. Here we offer group classes, private classes, private consultations and corporate packages as well as self improvement through trainings and workshops.




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