Yoga Therapy

Personalised Yoga Therapy & Energy Healing with Caroline

Often we have hectic schedules that do not allow time for set class timetables or the ability to receive a multi-faceted approach to mind-body healing. Exhaustion, stress, burnout, lifestyle habits, or even to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this busy world requires a multi-faceted approach

In these sessions Caroline will discuss with you your desired results and lifestyle to dedicate a 60-75 and 90  minute session using a combination of personalised yoga, breath-work, reiki or energy healing, guided nidra meditation and affirmations. Each session is personalised to your needs of that day. Sometimes you may need more breath-work and energy healing and other days more yoga and guided meditation, or perhaps all four.

These sessions can be given at Gaia Dharma Centre, your home or office.

These sessions are given in private 1 on 1 or max 2 people

  • First Consultation 90 minutes
  • Following Sessions (choose between) 60/ 75/ 90 mins
  • Sessions at Gaia Dharma Centre
  • First consultation €85
  • Sessions 60m-€55/ 75m-€70/ 90m-€85
  • For sessions at your home or office please note that travel time and cost is added


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